Future Skills Network(FSN)

FSN is a professionally managed organization in the skilling domain, offering both-training in future and contemporary job roles for youth and skill related data collection and analytics. Future Skills is part of Vernajyoti Educare, a section 8 not for profit Company.

Why Future Skills

The future job roles in India, will be greatly shaped by the interplay of the inevitable forces of globalization, demographic dividends and exponential adaption of the industry 4.0 technologies by companies. This anticipated change of job roles will be further hastened in recent times by the emerging new normal as a result of Covid pandemic. The norm of social distancing, reverse migration of labour and changing economic growth paradigm, among others, will all influence job roles where in many jobs will become redundant and many new qualification packs will emerge. According to a study commissioned by FICCI and Nasscom, prior to the pandemic, it was estimated that by the year 2022, about 9 % of the workforce in India will be deployed in a totally new job roles,whereas 34 percent of same will be in jobs which will be radically different from the qualification packs required for the same job earlier. This situation is likely to be more pronounced post pandemic economic scenario in the country.

Our Expertise

Vernajyoti long standing development related work experience and its key management team's expertise have been leveraged to offer special development consultancy and data analytics services aimed specifically at other non- profits engaged in similar sphere of work , farmers collectives, donor agencies, corporates undertaking CSR projects and policy makers The deep understanding of emerging and rural market , development of agri - business enterprise models to create gainful employment for different vulnerable groups leading to enhancement of income and improvement of the quality of life for the India's poor. Vernajyoti knowledge consultancy supports any such endeavours which seek to bring growth to the communities they serve in order make impact in a sustainable way. Our rigorous and deep analysis of granular level data output and insights can help our clients to focus their development strategies and achieve the paradigm shift for the desired change.

How FSN can Help

As companies, policy makers and non- government organization grapple with the fast changing pace of job roles, it will be required to:

• To understand the changing job profile.

• To match the Skill sets with the new qualification packs.

FSN can be instrumental to:

• Undertake skill mapping exercise in specific geographies and socioeconomic groups.

• Tracer studies of the trained students and beneficiaries of skill program’

• Estimate the Future Skill Gaps sector wise.

• Design and deploy training programs meeting the norms of New Job roles as per International & national standards.

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