Deploying livelihood projects with FPO

The Indian farming community is typified by the predominance of small land holders . It is therefore important to organize them into Farmer Producers' Organisations ( FPO) of their own, as small landholders do not have the volume individually, of both inputs and produce, to get the benefit of economy of scales . Thus, through aggregation the primary producers can avail the benefit of scales .Vernajyoti is in the forefront of many such efforts in organizing such farmers' collectives, particularly in the hilly region where almost entire farming community can be classified as small land holders.. Further, by linking the FPOs directly to far off markets, a much more remunerative price is ensured for the farmers produce than it can be realized through traditionally unorganized channels.

Micro - Enterprise & Skill Training with SHG

Vernajyoti started Micro - enterprise training of SHG members with Tata Power Distribution Limited (TPDDL) in the slum clusters within Tpddl's area of operations in Delhi. This initiative modelled around SWAYAM ( Self - Women Associations’ Yield and Market ) program aimed to map the existing skill sets of the women SHG members and further train them in harnessing the skill sets to make marketable products within the SHG groups, with the requisite market linkages ..More than 300 women members were trained to make different items' like handkerchief and mobile case, among many other household items, which were than marketed under the SWAYAM brand. This has helped the women members from the underpriveled background to contribute to their otherwise meagre household income This successful model has been replicated in many other places, most notably in recent times with SHG group members in West Bengal who were trained to make face masks and supply to different locations in nearby urban centres which provided safety to thousands during the outbreak of COVID 19 Pandemic.

Development Consultancy & Data Analytics

Vernajyoti long standing development related work experience and its key management team's expertise have been leveraged to offer special development consultancy and data analytics services aimed specifically at other non- profits engaged in similar sphere of work , farmers collectives, donor agencies, corporates undertaking CSR projects and policy makers The deep understanding of emerging and rural market , development of agri - business enterprise models to create gainful employment for different vulnerable groups leading to enhancement of income and improvement of the quality of life for the India's poor. Vernajyoti knowledge consultancy supports any such endeavours which seek to bring growth to the communities they serve in order make impact in a sustainable way. Our rigorous and deep analysis of granular level data output and insights can help our clients to focus their development strategies and achieve the paradigm shift for the desired change.

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